Android Development

I have recently begun learning how to make Android apps. I have been using a set of tutorials made by mybringback (

I have progressed through 12 of these tutorials so far and I have made a splash screen and a main page. He’s very good at explaining and he’s made Java and XML for Android a lot easier than a book in my opinion.

There are 40 tutorials in total and I will go through them all.

I could have just learned Java and then Android but it would take longer to get to my goal, making a solid Android app which I can run on my phone, because Java is designed for programs and I would have to learn all of the “imports” for GUI on a computer rather than the “imports” for the Android OS.

From time to time I might post details of how I’m getting on.

EDIT: Just if you were wondering, I’m using the Android Development Bundle from the official Android page. I comes with the SDK, an emulator and the Android Developer Tools which is just Eclipse with lots of plugins pre-installed.



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6 responses to “Android Development”

  1. franciumetc says :

    You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, ignore normal Java tutorials. I recommend – the GUI things (Swing and AWT) are in a separate tutorial, the main tutorials just cover Java objects and techniques, such as classes, superclasses, constructors, packages, ArrayLists, HashMaps, scope and so on. I recommend that you read the Intermediate and Advanced sections.

    • tech189 says :

      But the thing is, Java Swing doesn’t occur in Android Development anywhere! It would be helpful just for understanding Java itself but not helpful for me because I’m trying to get to my goal as quick as possible.

  2. franciumetc says :

    Also, what role does XML play in your app? I know vaguely how to use it but have never put it into practice.

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