Ubuntu is a Linux operating system that I have been playing around with on my old Windows XP (got it in 2004 probably). Windows on the XP got slow within 3 years of having it. Some people would say that that is pretty good for a Windows computer, but anyway, because Ubuntu is free, I decided to install it. You can get the latest version of Ubuntu here: www.ubuntu.com.

My first expectation was well… nothing. I had no idea what was going to happen! It loaded up and looked quite promising. I set it up and then, “Please select a partition” stared at me in the face. What’s a partition? I asked myself. After a bit of looking up I downloaded “Mini Partition Tool” and made a 40GB partition for Ubuntu. I can’t remember if I gave it free space or EXT4 (the file system that Linux mostly uses) but then I finished installing and I had successfully installed Ubuntu. It asked me to restart and lo and behold Ubuntu started up.

It still looked promising but since my XP only had 1001MB, Ubuntu 12.10 struggled quite a lot. I have to say Unity (the taskbar basically) is quite a memory hogger! I then installed Lubuntu. This meant that when you logged on, your interface could either be in Ubuntu style, Lubuntu style or Openbox style. Lubuntu is an operating system designed to be effective yet really lightweight. This enabled me to multitask, something I was completely unable to do on Ubuntu since it took up so much memory. But unfortunately while Lubuntu was installed with Ubuntu, the Lubuntu taskbar never appeared.

Scrapping Ubuntu, I uninstalled Ubuntu and installed Lubuntu. Because it uses the LXDE, it is very quick but it also looks like Windows 98, unlike Ubuntu which tries to mimic Mac OSX.
This is a downside however it sort of counterbalances the fact that it is quick. One thing about Lubuntu that annoyed me was that when I opened the Lubuntu Software Centre, I was greeted with, well, nothing… The only things that were there were all the programs that I already had installed! A bit of a disappointment but I had to live with it…

The next OS is Linux Mint!



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