Linux Mint and lot of other stuff…

Well, my quest seems to continue! (It seems like a quest, but really it’s just a bit of fun)

After testing a few (not really a few) Linux distributions I have concluded what seems to be the best for this 1001 MB RAM computer. I have tried Linux Mint (KDE desktop version), but even though it is supposed to be lightweight, it ran rather slowly. After trying Linux Mint, there wasn’t really much chance for Ubuntu with its Unity desktop. It REALLY hogs your RAM if you don’t have much of it, for example when I pressed the Dash Home (kind of like the Start menu in Windows, erm… not sure what to compare it to on a Mac) it would freeze and the window would go black for a moment, and then magically appear with the Dash Home, except on a purple background. Multitasking was basically impossible and that was the end of that.

After finding out about the lightweight KDE desktop I searched for some other KDE/XFCE distros (short for distribution). I came across Damn Small Linux, a distro that is absolutely tiny. Its disk image file is only 50 MB and will run on computers with 128 MB of RAM. I thought this would be perfect but because it was so small, there would be disadvantages. It is quite old so there is no easy way to get to any Software Centre, not much comes pre-installed either. The next distro was Manjaro. Manjaro is very sleek and clean looking with green and grey used as its colour scheme, it comes in different flavours, for example, XFCE, KDE, Cinnamon and Gnome. I chose XFCE and it works very efficiently and smoothly, multitasking is no problem. You can install different desktops, just by putting

sudo pacman -S kde kdeplasma-applets-plasma-nm

into the terminal if you wanted to install KDE. It comes pre-installed with many programs such as Libre Office and GIMP.

I think I’m nearly done with trying out these distros but one more post ought to do it.



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