My first app! (Scale Randomiser)

At the moment I’m learning Java and Android Development (I did a post on it here and here), and with some basic knowledge I’ve decided to start making my first Android app!

I play the piano and my idea was to make an app that randomly chooses a scale for me to play out of the around 30 I have to play each practice. (If you have never played an instrument before, just look up what a scale is) At the moment the app is in beta (version 0.1), works but doesn’t look very pretty. It can choose a random scale and put it on the screen when you press the button but it can’t remember the previous scale it chose so as a result, it can choose the same scale twice, which is not very helpful… Here are some screenshots of Scale Randomiser in action:

Screenshot of Scale Randomiser

Screenshot of Scale Randomiser

Screenshot of Scale Randomiser

Screenshot of Scale Randomiser

What the app does is pick a random number between 0 and 23 (including 0 and 23) and then uses that to pick one of the scales which are in an array (a thing that holds lots of bits of data). I’ll post some more when I make some progress with the app.

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