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The last day…

The last day...

The last day…

This is just a photo of my calendar which sits on my desk, obviously today is the last day of the year and with the numbers facing upwards it looked ominous, much like how “Welcome to the lock” was ominous with it’s open gate.

Another quick post but there’s longer one coming later today!



Why I’m excited about Windows 10

Windows 10 was recently announced which they dubbed their “best operating system yet”. It’s due to come out officially some time in 2015 but with the Windows Insider Program, you can try it out for yourself now. Here are some of the new features that I’m quite excited about:

  • The start menu is back!

This isn’t really a new feature, it has been in Windows for a long time but since they removed it in Windows 8 and 8.1 (no, just having a button that takes you to the start screen does not count!), it stands out as one of the main reasons for upgrading to Windows 10 when it comes out. Personally this is exciting as I missed the start menu in Windows 8 so much that I added it back through the Classic Shell Program.

  •  The start screen is not gone

For those who preferred the start screen to the start menu will be happy to know that Microsoft have decided not to remove the touch-oriented start menu but have added as an option to choose between when you right click the task bar and go to “Taskbar Properties”.

  • “Metro” apps can now be windowed

Finally! What is the point of the name “Windows” if some apps don’t apply? When the start menu is enabled rather than the start screen, “metro” apps open a first in a window that can be resized, maximised and minimised to the task bar. At the time of writing the “metro” windows look slightly different to normal windows as they have an extra settings button on the top of the window. This button shows a menu which allows you to go into full screen mode and also gives you access the app’s settings which would normally need a swipe up from the bottom. I think this feature is exciting as there are a few “metro” apps which I have wanted to use but as they wouldn’t appear in the taskbar and wouldn’t show up as a window, I have strayed away from using them and found alternatives instead.

  • More “desktops”!

Many people would say that this has been copied from Linux (and possibly Mac OS X (not really (they copied it from Linux…))) but to be honest it doesn’t really matter. You will be able to create multiple “desktops” full of open programs, for instance, one desktop with your work programs (email client, word processor, internet browser, etc.) and another for leisure (music player, video player, internet browser, etc.). This is good as it helps you to stay productive as distractions are kept away from work programs. I’m not sure if this has a name yet, though.

  •  Home in Windows Explorer

This is quite a small feature but it is quite helpful as all of your favourites, drives and recent files are all in one place when you open Explorer. It has been possible to do this before in other versions of Windows but I’m excited as this is the default.

  • “Snap Assist”

Again, a small-ish feature but potentially very useful and a great time-saver: when you snap a program to the side of the screen, in the remaining space you will be given the option to add other minimised programs. This will save you from minimising everything and then snapping each program individually.

These aren’t all of the new features in Windows 10 (I have excluded touch-orientated features, for example) but the ones that are most interesting and exciting. I’ll tell you how I tried/installed it in my next post!


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