List: Why I could not survive without my smartphone for one day

On the subject of smartphones, I’ve made a list of the reasons why I wouldn’t be able to last a day without my phone:

  1. It’s my daily source of news. Because I don’t have much time every day to get on my computer, I can look at the news while I travel, which is pretty neat.
  2. It takes less time to start it up than my computer. My computer takes about 7 minutes to start up from shut down… About 30 seconds if in sleep mode. On the other hand, my phone takes less than a second to start from sleep, bearing in mind that it is effectively on all the time in your pocket.
  3. It’s much smaller than my computer. I can fit it in my pocket and not worry too much about, for instance, someone stealing my laptop bag.
  4. It’s much more portable. I have a 17-inch laptop, which is huge, and is pretty much impossible to carry around. Also, you are probably going to want to carry around a charger, just in case your laptop dies on you.
  5. It’s a quick source of entertainment. Got 5 minutes to spare? Why not catch up on a TV show or play a game? It’s so easy just to put on a pair of headphones and continue with whatever TV show or film you’ve been watching. Or you could play a casual game if you have enough battery left.
  6. I need it to communicate. I just can’t not be able to call and text others. Not to mention all the other ways of communication, such as Skype and Facebook Messenger.
  7. I need it to listen to music. I don’t have a music player, they are too old fashioned to be honest, especially when you can slot in a 64GB SD card into your phone and soon enough you can fill it up with gigabytes worth of music!

This was fun to write, but have I missed any points? What do you think about not having your phone for one day? How would it affect you?


(I’ll be posting a list on the same topic soon, so follow if you’re interested!)


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4 responses to “List: Why I could not survive without my smartphone for one day”

  1. Janice Wald says :

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    Hi Tech 189,
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  2. andykirillov says :

    And it is so addictive! 🙂 Yet editing large photos and preparing documents is much easier and more functional on a desktop.

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