Productive Chrome Extensions that I use – and so should you!

Here are a list of Chrome Extensions which I feel everyone should use to make their internet browsing a lot more useful and productive! Click on the extension names to go to the Chrome Web Store.

  • Save to Pocket This extension is very simple – it adds the current website to your Pocket list. And if you don’t know what Pocket is, it’s a website which allows you to store and save for later articles as you browse the web.
  • Neater Bookmarks This extension adds a small button which when you press, reveals all of your bookmarks in an ordered list which you can easily search. If you want you can disable the bookmarks bar and replace it with this extension. Then add a keyboard shortcut to quickly open the list.
  • uBlock Origin This ad blocker is very memory efficient and speeds up your browsing by removing adverts which take up time and memory to load and display. Just remember to disable it on websites you would like to support!

Try out these extensions and watch your productivity increase!



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14 responses to “Productive Chrome Extensions that I use – and so should you!”

  1. John Doe says :

    I saw this on and these are really good suggestions.

  2. Janice Wald says :

    Tech question for you: I have a smartphone with Itunes on it. I use to love to make Genius Playlists from songs I like. I Googled my question, and it said it is no longer possible. Why would Itunes discontinue that feature?

    • tech189 says :

      They may have discontinued it so that they could focus on their Apple Music service which is similar to Spotify. In Apple Music, it suggests songs you may like based on your listening habits, much like the Genius playlists did if I remember correctly. You should still be able to create playlists but unfortunately Genius playlists have been discontinued. Not much I can help you with here 😦

  3. Tobe Damit says :

    Added this to Stumble Upon! Would be nice if you could add this one for me! Maybe its already there so then you don’t have to fill up the whole thingy but plz make sure you give it a thumb up!! TY!

    • tech189 says :

      Sorry I don’t use stumble upon but I liked your post.

      • Tobe Damit says :

        It’s very nice of you since I wasn’t even sure the button was available. Some of my email contacts do not have access to those buttons!! I think you absolutely u have to have a Gravatar Profile Account ?? Otherwise they don’t see anything but the article.

      • tech189 says :

        I think the buttons appear just not the “like” and “reblog”

      • Tobe Damit says :

        Well TY very much for taking the time my friend! Ok so I guess the members of wordpress are granted all the access possible at least! You know here people react. You don’t get those weird silewnce after you talk about the subject of your next post. HAHAHA!! I can laugh about it now but… You have to get used to it and realise blogging is a very intimate feeling. People in the blogging community understand. I haven’t seen that anywhere. I feel we are the reality TV of life, in the best possible way you could document it apart a video format!! I know the trail now and I will pay you a visit today. I’m always delighted to meet and greet new people… Of course i’m more ”the Greated” here because I take it that you have been blogging longer then I have. I have been blogging only since May or June 2014.

      • tech189 says :

        I agree with you. Although I started my blog some time ago, I didn’t really start posting much until this year, good luck with your blog!

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