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Macro photography (2)

As I promised last time (here), here are some more macro pictures taken with my macro lens for my phone:

Macro picture of a shirt

Macro picture of a shirt

A shirt sounds really boring but, just as with anything, it becomes more and more fascinating the closer you look at it! The macro lens allows you to delve into the small world for a bit and think about how these small fibres make up a whole shirt.

A leaf with no leaf!

A leaf with no leaf!

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Macro photography

Recently I got a macro lens for my phone, below is a picture of it. They are very inexpensive and have also the power to take some quite fascinating pictures. It sticks to the back of your phone with 8 suction caps (apparently you only need a couple to be on the phone for it to stick), on top of the camera. You have to make sure you get the macro lens perfectly straight, otherwise you will get red or yellow smudges on the edges of your photos – at least for my lens.

My macro lens

The macro lens

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