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Ubuntu is a Linux operating system that I have been playing around with on my old Windows XP (got it in 2004 probably). Windows on the XP got slow within 3 years of having it. Some people would say that that is pretty good for a Windows computer, but anyway, because Ubuntu is free, I decided to install it. You can get the latest version of Ubuntu here:

My first expectation was well… nothing. I had no idea what was going to happen! It loaded up and looked quite promising. I set it up and then, “Please select a partition” stared at me in the face. What’s a partition? I asked myself. After a bit of looking up I downloaded “Mini Partition Tool” and made a 40GB partition for Ubuntu. I can’t remember if I gave it free space or EXT4 (the file system that Linux mostly uses) but then I finished installing and I had successfully installed Ubuntu. It asked me to restart and lo and behold Ubuntu started up.

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