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Productive Chrome Extensions that I use – and so should you!

Here are a list of Chrome Extensions which I feel everyone should use to make their internet browsing a lot more useful and productive! Click on the extension names to go to the Chrome Web Store.

  • Save to Pocket This extension is very simple – it adds the current website to your Pocket list. And if you don’t know what Pocket is, it’s a website which allows you to store and save for later articles as you browse the web.
  • Neater Bookmarks This extension adds a small button which when you press, reveals all of your bookmarks in an ordered list which you can easily search. If you want you can disable the bookmarks bar and replace it with this extension. Then add a keyboard shortcut to quickly open the list.
  • uBlock Origin This ad blocker is very memory efficient and speeds up your browsing by removing adverts which take up time and memory to load and display. Just remember to disable it on websites you would like to support!

Try out these extensions and watch your productivity increase!



Blenheim Palace Courtyard

Blenheim Palace Courtyard

Blenheim Palace Courtyard

Here’s another picture from my trip to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, UK. The lighting was perfect here for the building and I really like how the shadows came out at the bottom. I also took a picture of the entrance here, why not take a look at that too?


Blenheim Palace Entrance

Blenheim Palace Entrance

Grand, isn’t it?

Recently, I went to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, UK. It’s really stunning, but I’ve always thought that this entrance was a bit overdone…

The light wasn’t perfect for this shot but I took it because of the perfectly blue sky in the background, something that is quite uncommon here in the UK!


List: Why I could not survive without my smartphone for one day

On the subject of smartphones, I’ve made a list of the reasons why I wouldn’t be able to last a day without my phone:

  1. It’s my daily source of news. Because I don’t have much time every day to get on my computer, I can look at the news while I travel, which is pretty neat.
  2. It takes less time to start it up than my computer. My computer takes about 7 minutes to start up from shut down… About 30 seconds if in sleep mode. On the other hand, my phone takes less than a second to start from sleep, bearing in mind that it is effectively on all the time in your pocket.
  3. It’s much smaller than my computer. I can fit it in my pocket and not worry too much about, for instance, someone stealing my laptop bag.
  4. It’s much more portable. I have a 17-inch laptop, which is huge, and is pretty much impossible to carry around. Also, you are probably going to want to carry around a charger, just in case your laptop dies on you.
  5. It’s a quick source of entertainment. Got 5 minutes to spare? Why not catch up on a TV show or play a game? It’s so easy just to put on a pair of headphones and continue with whatever TV show or film you’ve been watching. Or you could play a casual game if you have enough battery left.
  6. I need it to communicate. I just can’t not be able to call and text others. Not to mention all the other ways of communication, such as Skype and Facebook Messenger.
  7. I need it to listen to music. I don’t have a music player, they are too old fashioned to be honest, especially when you can slot in a 64GB SD card into your phone and soon enough you can fill it up with gigabytes worth of music!

This was fun to write, but have I missed any points? What do you think about not having your phone for one day? How would it affect you?


(I’ll be posting a list on the same topic soon, so follow if you’re interested!)

Reflections – Poem



A poem that I wrote some time ago alongside a picture taken by a lake at sunset:

Reflections is
a multiple meaning word,
or words?
A reflection can

Be something you
see in a
mirror, yourself,
our other items…

Or an opposite
world with people
who look like you and
me but write backwards…

It could be a thought
of something that
happened long ago, drifting in
your mind like a bubble

only with memories and
information, trapped for
ever… What’s a reflection?
Good question…


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